Pacific Northwest Ballet Artistic Director, Peter Boal examines the works on the current repertoire.

Rep 4: Boundless Artistic Director’s Notes

Rep 4: Boundless Artistic Director’s Notes

Ever wonder about the timeline for creating a new ballet? Famously Jerome Robbins took two years to choreograph Dances at a Gathering. George Balanchine believed in one minute of choreography for every hour in the studio, cranking brilliant works out in days and weeks. As you might imagine, […]

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Artistic Director’s Notes – The Seasons’ Canon

Artistic Director’s Notes – The Seasons’ Canon

The three works presented in this program span the same lifetime as our Company. George Balanchine’s Duo Concertant, one of 34 offerings in a landmark New York City Ballet Stravinsky Festival in 1972, […]

Kiyon Ross: From PNB School Student to Associate Artistic Director

Kiyon Ross: From PNB School Student to Associate Artistic Director

By Theresa Ruth Howard
Author, Diversity Strategist, and Consultant
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Quite simply, Kiyon Ross is the embodiment of Pacific Northwest Ballet. Not only has […]

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Artistic Director’s Notes – Carmina Burana

Artistic Director’s Notes – Carmina Burana

Guess who’s turning fifty? Not me, that happened already. It’s PNB. In 1972, a small but committed group of extraordinary individuals envisioned a great classical ballet company based here in Seattle. Several years of blood, sweat, tears, and […]

Artistic Director’s Notes – Season Encore 2022

Doctor, nurse, social worker, scientist, esthetician, aerialist–just a few of the professions our dancers have embraced after retiring from the company. Emotions at PNB’s Season Encore run high as we recognize departing dancers for their myriad contributions to the company, while mourning the fact they will no longer perform for us again. But […]

Executive Director’s Notes – ALL THARP

Welcome to the final program of this historic season. Whether you are newly back to in-person performances with us of you’ve been along for the thrilling ride all season, it’s wonderful to see you. So much has transpired since our cautious return to the stage last September, and the concept of “normal” continues […]

Artistic Director’s Notes – ALL THARP

Jahna Frantziskonis strutted casually across the studio floor on pointe while tapping her left palm with her right index finger.

“Twyla, is she texting?” I asked “…on pointe?” Twyla nodded. “I think you’re the first person to choreograph someone texting on pointe!”

With a sly smile […]

Artistic Director’s Notes – Swan Lake

Swan Lake defines a classical ballet company. It offers the epitome of cohesion for a corps de ballet, the apex of artistry for principal dancers, a challenge and a triumph for an orchestra, and an opportunity to lay claim to greatness. It certainly helped to elevate the reputation and expectations of a fledgling Pacific […]

Artistic Director’s Notes – PLOT POINTS

The words “ballet” and “gender-fluid” don’t often appear in the same sentence. In ballet’s early years at the court of Louis XIV, men danced in roles depicting women, but by the 20th century, gender entrenchment had set in. Princes and cavaliers were men, swans and sugar plums were women; men lifted, women danced […]

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