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Ticket Holder FAQ’s

Ticket Exchanges

What are my options for exchanging single tickets?2023-10-24T15:00:34-07:00

Single Ticket Exchange Options**

  • Exchange between dates within a program*
  • Exchange between programs within the current season*
  • Donate your ticket(s) to PNB for a tax-deductible donation

*All seating options are based on availability and are at the discretion of the Box Office. Your ticket will be exchanged for the full value of your purchase, upgrade charges may apply.

**All exchanges must happen prior to curtain on the day of your performance. Exchange options do not apply to orders associated with known or suspected ticket resellers.

What is your subscriber exchange policy?2024-01-09T16:28:29-08:00

Subscriber Exchange Options**

  • Exchange between dates within a program*
  • Exchange between programs within the current season*
  • Donate your ticket(s) to PNB for a tax-deductible donation
  • Apply the value of your ticket towards a credit on future ticket or subscription purchases (all credit expires on August 31st)

*All seating options are based on availability and are at the discretion of the Box Office. Upgrade charges may apply.
**All exchanges must happen prior to curtain on the day of your performance. Exchange options do not apply to orders associated with known or suspected resellers.

How do I exchange my tickets?2022-02-07T11:15:54-08:00

Call us! Subscribers should call the Box Office at 206.441.2424 to arrange an exchange. Tickets can be freely moved to any future performance within a season for seats in the same price zone. Subscribers will be charged the difference for seating upgrades or price differentials and downgrades will not be reimbursed.

Are exchanges available online?2022-02-07T11:16:48-08:00

No, unfortunately you have to call or visit in person to make an exchange. Our website ticketing software doesn’t allow for online exchanges.

How far in advance do I need to exchange my tickets?2022-02-07T11:17:53-08:00

Please exchange your tickets prior to the start of the performance you are missing. This allows PNB to make your seats available to another audience member and for us to issue you a donation receipt. Tickets that are not exchanged prior to the start of the performance are not applicable for exchanges.

McCaw Hall Box Office

When is the McCaw Hall Box Office open?2022-02-08T10:56:54-08:00

The McCaw Hall box office opens 90-minutes prior to the start of every performance and remains open for at least 20 minutes after the performance starts. We are also open during the first intermission of subscription performances and are not open during intermission for The Nutcracker®.

Can I exchange future performances at the McCaw Hall Box Office?2022-02-08T10:57:47-08:00

We are happy to help with transactions for future performances until 30-minutes prior to the start of the performance. At 30-minutes prior to curtain, staff needs to prioritize transactions related to the performance at hand. Future transactions are always available during intermission.

Can I buy tickets to other McCaw Hall events during PNB performances?2022-02-08T10:59:12-08:00

PNB is not affiliated with any other organizations or events performing at McCaw Hall. For ticketing information on other events please visit https://www.mccawhall.com/events.

Can I have my tickets re-printed at McCaw Hall?2023-10-24T15:08:00-07:00

Audience members who have misplaced their tickets can ask for replacement copies printed by going to the Customer Service or Reprint windows at the McCaw Hall Box Office.

Ticket Brokers2023-07-19T11:48:59-07:00

PNB discourages audience members purchasing tickets through third-party ticket reselling sites. Customers that purchase through ticket brokers often pay inflated prices. Orders placed by known or suspected ticket resellers are subject to cancellation. Purchasing directly through PNB at PNB.org or 206.441.2424 is advised. If you feel you have been a victim of fraud, we encourage you to contact the Washington Attorney General Consumer Protection Division at 206.464.6684.

Mobile Tickets2023-10-24T15:19:25-07:00

Mobile tickets are a safe and secure way to access tickets to your upcoming performances at Pacific Northwest Ballet from your mobile device. Your tickets will be delivered digitally to wallet.PNB.org, where you will be able to log in using the same PNB login credentials you used to purchase your tickets. When you are logged into your PNB Wallet, you can view your mobile tickets and share them with a friend. Closer to your performance, you will also receive a reminder email with the same link to help you access your PNB Wallet. Learn more about mobile tickets here.

Parking Vouchers

Where are pre-paid parking vouchers valid?2021-05-10T11:46:04-07:00

PNB parking vouchers are valid at the Mercer Street Garage located across the street from McCaw Hall at 305 3rd Avenue North.

How long before the performance can I enter the garage with my voucher?2021-05-10T11:46:53-07:00

Parking vouchers must be collected by attendants that are staffed at the garage entrances starting approximately two-hours prior to a scheduled performance.

Do my parking vouchers need to be changed if I exchange my tickets?2023-10-24T15:10:43-07:00

Subscribers do not have to exchange their parking vouchers if they have exchanged their performance tickets. However, the attendants in the garage must physically collect subscribers’ parking vouchers. If you have misplaced your voucher, we can mail a replacement if given at least one week’s notice. Additionally, vouchers can be placed in will-call for pick up before parking.

If you are a single ticket holder who is looking to exchange your parking pass, you can do so by first canceling your existing pass. Once your existing parking pass is canceled, a refund will be processed. In the meantime, you can then purchase a parking pass for your correct performance date. Parking passes can be canceled in one of two ways…

1) The customer can locate their ParkWhiz confirmation email and click the “cancel” link.

2) The customer can log in to their account on the ParkWhiz website or app, view passes, and click “cancel.”

General Box Office Information

Where is the PNB Box Office located?2021-05-10T11:48:26-07:00

The PNB Box Office is located at the Phelps Center at 301 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA 98109, on the grounds of Seattle Center, right next door to McCaw Hall.

What are the Box Office hours?2021-05-10T11:49:09-07:00

The Box Office is open for in-person and phone transactions Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, as well as performance Saturdays. The Box Office is closed Sundays.

Subscriber Benefits

What can I do with an unused ticket?2023-10-25T13:43:05-07:00

Subscribers who miss their performance for any reason may use our missed performance policy to gain a ticket for a future performance. To take advantage of this policy, subscribers must do the following:

  • Contact the PNB box office via phone or in person
  • Pay $10 per unused ticket for a seat in the same price zone as the original
Can my missed performance tickets be used for George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker®?2023-10-26T12:47:36-07:00

Missed performance tickets are only redeemable for subscription performances of the current season.

What is my Subscriber discount?2023-10-25T13:42:16-07:00

Subscribers save 20% on purchasing additional single tickets.

When can I purchase The Nutcracker tickets?2023-10-25T13:42:40-07:00

Subscribers will get first access to tickets to George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker® before the general public.

What shows are PNB Performing this season?2023-10-25T13:29:39-07:00

Please visit our season page.

Digital Season

How will I gain access to my digital performances?2022-02-08T11:23:22-08:00

On the day your digital performance is released you will receive an email from patronservices@pnb.org with your link and password. If you are subscribed to our email marketing you will also receive a reminder email approximately one week prior to the release from this address letting you know a digital performance is coming soon.

How long will I have access to the performance?2021-05-10T12:01:28-07:00

Subscribers will have access to their digital content for five days after the link is made available. The content will come offline at midnight on the fifth day after it is released. For example, a performance released on a Thursday will be available until midnight on the evening of the following Monday.

Why are my digital performances limited in time?2021-05-10T12:02:09-07:00

Generally speaking PNB does not own the creative rights to the content we perform. This applies to both choreography as well as music performed by the PNB Orchestra. Our digital release windows are arranged with the permission of the owners of this content, and PNB is bound to honor these terms.

How can I view the digital content?2021-05-10T12:03:00-07:00

Your performance can be viewed on any device that can access our website via a web browser and stream video. For further information on successfully streaming and/or casting your digital performance, please visit our digital help page.

Can I access the content through a streaming app such as YouTube?2021-05-10T12:03:38-07:00

To protect our digital content PNB hosts our digital performances on a password-protected page of PNB.org. For troubleshooting tips please visit our digital help page.

Will the Digital Season match the content seen for those attending in person at McCaw Hall?2021-05-10T12:04:17-07:00

We are working closely with our partners with the goal of translating as much of the in-person performance experience to the digital version as possible.

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