Angelica Generosa warming up while wearing a tiara with the PNB Future Fund logo.

Dear Friends of PNB,

Onward to the future! While our operations and earning potential have been severely limited by the widespread impacts of Covid-19, we are proud to be using the resources we do have to accomplish the following:

  • Employ dancers and artists (safely) in the creation of new work and the revival of favorites.
  • Move PNB School studios online to continue educating more than 1,000? ballet students.
  • Retain a reduced staff to keep our business moving forward.
  • Bring PNB to fans here at home and around the world through online performances, classes, conversations, and more though social media and

Plans for performing in McCaw Hall are on hold, but the art and evolution of PNB continues. Peter is curating an innovative season to fill your heart and mind with digital dance performances, dialogues, insights, and opportunities to join PNB from the comfort and safety of your home while we await the time to gather again. We have established a Future Fund with an ambitious goal of $3 million. Gifts of all sizes will help offset dramatic losses, keep employee benefits – like medical coverage – intact, and fund our return to the stage when it’s safe to do so

Donations are tax-deductible and will help PNB continue to provide the inspiring and exhilarating dance you love.

Visit PNB at Home for a collection of PNB content to enjoy from home, PNB is Listening to learn along with us, and PNB Social to keep up-to-date with our social media channels.

Thank you so much for your support,
All of us at PNB

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A Message from the Dancers

“As stages go dark all over the state, let’s pause for a moment to consider what we’re losing for a while – the dances that won’t be danced, the songs that won’t be sung, the plays that won’t be performed. Let’s think practically about what we can do to help those whose livelihoods are affected.”

Moira Macdonald, The Seattle Times

“Your work is “essential,” in the core meaning of the word — essential to our humanity, our spirit, our imagination.”

A PNB Patron

“PNB is one of the nation’s finest ballet companies; the dancers are well trained, the orchestra superb. The immediate future for PNB – and for every regional arts nonprofit – is bleak. Arts leaders tell me if the public gathering restrictions go on for months, many arts companies won’t be able to reopen when they’re lifted.”

Marcie Sillman, KUOW

“As we, a nation and community, face this unprecedented situation it is our obligation as a society to support the arts. The unknown of this crisis is what feels us with stress, fear, and dread. The honesty and candor in which you shared the current financial situation of Pacific Northwest Ballet and PNB School are appreciated more than our family will ever be able to fully acknowledge. PNB is a backbone to the greater Seattle area and I have full faith that this will pass and the PNB community will come back stronger than ever.”

A PNB Patron

“The cliché about live performances is true. The power of live dance lies in its impermanence. No video can really capture the experience. We [also] underestimate the real social benefit of providing a big dark room where it’s perfectly acceptable to cry in public, which is yet another reason we need to fight to keep these arts institutions, big and small, alive.”

Rich Smith, The Stranger

“I used to take my girls to see your ballet back in the 90s. I miss it very much. I am old now, the girls married and moved far away. But I always picture Swan Lake from the many times we went to see it when they grew up in Washington. We have no ballet where we live. Thank you for those memories. It’s what lives in my mind when I have to have MRIs. I close my eyes, see the dancers, hear the orchestra. It helps me through the hardest of times.”

A PNB Patron

“Our ability to weather this crisis depends on cutting as much expense as we can while maintaining a bare-bones operation, as well as applying for relief funds and appealing to donors to support the organization at this critical time. It’s just unthinkable for me to take away people’s health care right now, especially in a health care crisis.” –Ellen Walker, PNB Executive Director

Moira Macdonald, The Seattle Times

In an attempt to be part of the solution, and for the safety of our audiences, artists, students, and staff, all PNB performances and events are cancelled through June 2020, and classes are officially cancelled through the end of the school year.