Assistant to the Choreographer: A New Role for PNB soloist Kiyon Gaines

Soloist Kiyon Ross is well-known to PNB audiences as an outstanding performer and accomplished choreographer. Recently, he’s taken on a new role assisting choreographer Twyla Tharp in creating her latest work, Waiting at the Station. I sat down with him last week to discuss how he fits in to her the process of […]

Choreographing Andrew Bartee

“I was always bossy,” says Andrew Bartee, though you’d never know it from his modest, playful persona. The oldest of four kids, he “always had an urge to put something on—plays, variety or talent shows, gymnastic routines.”  His first experience of choreographing was in a class at Kirkland’s International School of Ballet, where he “liked […]

Italy Tour: Benjamin Griffiths on Opening Night

Today was the first day that I was able to sleep in! I didn’t wake up until my alarm went off at 9:30. After breakfast, Jonathan, Kiyon, and I ventured to the laundromat with our significant others. The laundromat was easy to figure out, and we met a lot of colorful Italians while waiting for […]

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Musings on Teens, Choreography, Dreams, Sweet Treats & $5 Tickets

The active use of imagination and dreaming of what might be possible without limits should never be underestimated as forces for youthful creativity.  We at PNB take a lot of pride in our youth, and in our future, which is why we are continuing to provide teens around the Seattle area with a […]

NEXT STEP: Kiyon Ross, A look at the softer side of the choreographer

I have an insatiable need for speed as both a dancer and a choreographer! I‘m not quite sure when it began, but for me the faster it can be the more exciting. Much of the work that the audiences here in Seattle have seen from me has a vitality and fervor that is […]

PNB School & Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Collaboration

Forty or so lanky teenagers sat on the very lip of the stage peering over the edge to see forty or so young musicians playing a rousing rendition of John Philip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes from our vast orchestra pit. Awed expressions could be seen on the young dancers’ faces as timpanis pounded […]

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