Promotions: Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan, Miles Pertl, & Elle Macy

“It gives me tremendous pleasure to be able to promote three dancers in our company this evening.” Prior to the curtain going up for BEYOND BALLET, its second season repertory program, Pacific Northwest Ballet Artistic Director Peter Boal announced to the audience that Soloist Elle Macy has been promoted to a Principal dancer, […]

Beyond Ballet Sensory Guide

This is a list of possible sensory impacts you may experience while viewing this performance. Part of the magic of live dance and performance is that unexpected things happen, so not every moment can be accounted for. This guide was created for PNB by Dr. Ferdico at Sensory Access.

Executive Director’s Notes – Beyond Ballet

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining us today at McCaw Hall or from your digital viewing space—wherever that may be! It is difficult to describe the elation we all felt at being back onstage in September, after a 19-month hiatus. And we didn’t fully anticipate how excited YOU would be; […]

Artistic Director’s Notes – Beyond Ballet

It happened. On September 22, the curtain rose, the orchestra played, bejeweled costumes caught the light, and dancers floated. It was exactly as we had witnessed countless times before, and yet, it felt like the first time. After the very real threat of losing something we loved, PNB’s return to live performance seemed […]

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