Bringing Screenplays to Life: Q&A with Crystal Pite


Crystal Pite © Michael Slobodian

Crystal Pite is a former company member of Ballet British Columbia and William Forsythe’s Ballett Frankfurt. She made her professional choreographic debut in 1990 with […]

What it takes to be Crystal Pite

Let’s just soak in the genius of Crystal Pite for a moment.

You’ve probably heard us gushing about this groundbreaking choreographer ever since we first staged Emergence in 2013 (and again now that we’re putting on the American premiere of her piece Plot Point). It’s for good […]

Her Door to the Sky: Q&A with choreographer Jessica Lang

PNB’s upcoming HER STORY program features three of our favorite choreographers: Twyla Tharp (Afternoon Ball), Crystal Pite (Plot Point), and Jessica Lang (Her Door to the Sky). You can get a taste of all three groundbreaking choreographers’ work this November 3–12 at McCaw Hall, but if you can’t wait until […]

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