A Performer’s Parisian Perspective


Dancer Steven Loch on PNB’s Paris Tour

Paris…I just performed in Paris…PARIS! Just writing it down seems surreal. Performing in the place where ballet itself was started feels like the pinnacle of a ballet career. I just knew PNB’s […]

Her Door to the Sky: Q&A with choreographer Jessica Lang

PNB’s upcoming HER STORY program features three of our favorite choreographers: Twyla Tharp (Afternoon Ball), Crystal Pite (Plot Point), and Jessica Lang (Her Door to the Sky). You can get a taste of all three groundbreaking choreographers’ work this November 3–12 at McCaw Hall, but if you can’t wait until […]

A message from Peter Boal on DIRECTOR’S CHOICE

With each Pacific Northwest Ballet production, Artistic Director Peter Boal creates a Director’s Notebook. We’re inspired today to bring you his latest editorial for DIRECTOR’S CHOICE, opening March 17.

Even though I try to steer clear of politics and a few other subjects because of divisiveness, in November of 2008, […]

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