Director’s Notebook: Giselle

Though it’s now been three years since the premiere of Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Giselle, the idea for staging our own production was presented to me almost five ago. I had been unsuccessfully shopping for the right Giselle when Doug Fullington came to me with the suggestion that I look closer to home. Doug knew not […]

Q&A: Giselle Designer Jérôme Kaplan

Peter Boal’s radiant staging of Giselle returns with all-new scenery and costumes by award-winning designer Jérôme Kaplan (above) who is best known to PNB audiences for his designs for Don QuixoteRoméo et Juliette.

Q: What steps were critical to your process in creating designs for sets and costumes for PNB’s Giselle?

PNB Artistic Director Peter Boal’s Staging of Giselle

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s 2011 production of Giselle has been staged by PNB artistic director Peter Boal, based in part on primary sources from Paris and St. Petersburg, with the assistance of dance historians Marian Smith and Doug Fullington. In 2014, new scenery and costumes designed by Jérôme Kaplan will be added to the production.

Photo Shoot: Kaori Nakamura as Giselle

Recently, during a rare photo shoot in Pacific Northwest Ballet’s studios, the work of three exceptional artists–principal dancer Kaori Nakamura, costume designer Jérôme Kaplan, and photographer Angela Sterling–produced these striking images. 

The shoot was an ideal opportunity to showcase Kaori Nakamura’s artistry in anticipation of the conclusion of her brilliant, 17-year performing career with the […]

Local Color: Painting Sets for a New Giselle

We’ve all noticed the shift: from artisanal breads and cheeses to homemade cider and chickens in backyards, what’s old is new again. Here in Seattle, urban farming is chic. And, at least at PNB, the old-world way of hand-painting large scenery (AKA “drops”) has never gone out of style. Nearly every set piece you see […]

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Don Quixote: Q&A with Larae Hascall, Costume Shop Manger

Q: How large is the production? In comparison to other ballets in our repertory?

There are about 300 costumes, but many of them are duplicates. [Dutch National Ballet] had more people on stage than we will. They also built a lot of extra costumes, some of which haven’t been worn yet. […]

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