Dress Code

Levels I-VIII


  • Pink tights (no shiny/Lycra tights, no holes in tights, no underwear)
  • Pink leather ballet slippers (single elastics, no criss-crossed elastics)
  • Leotard (color appropriate for the Level; see color chart below)
  • Mid-length to long hair is required to be pulled back into a neat bun and fastened securely using pins and a hair net. Short hair needs to be fastened away from face. Students/parents must be responsible for the necessary supplies to have hair done before class time.
  • Pointe shoes are required for Level IV-VIII (Freed preferred; personal fittings are scheduled each fall)


  • Short-sleeved white leotard (clean, snug-fitting white t-shirts acceptable for Level VII and above)
  • Black tights. No short cut-off tights.
  • Thin white crew-length dance socks (no tube socks)
  • White ballet shoes
  • Belts are required for Level I and above.
  • Boys must wear shirts or leotard at all times.
  • Hair should be combed and fastened away from face if long.

Professional Division


  • Black Leotard for Technique, Pointe, Pas de Deux, and Extended Curriculum classes
  • White Leotard and white pointe skirt for Variations class
  • Pink tights, pink technique shoes
  • Pointe shoes (Freed preferred; personal fittings are scheduled each fall)
  • Leotard Guidelines: No excessively low or criss-crossed backs, sparkle, Lycra, contrast or patterned materials. Same color velvet allowed as edge trim on leotards.
  • PNBS Logo Leotards: PD Women have the option (not required) to order PNBS Logo leotards in black or white


  • Short-sleeved or tank-style white leotard, or fitted dance t-shirt
  • Black or gray tights (no short, cut-off tights)
  • White dance socks
  • White or black technique shoes

Extended Curriculum Classes (Level IV-VIII and PD)

  • Women’s Variations (Level VIII, PD): white leotard and white pointe skirt
  • Pas de Deux: black tights allowed for women
  • Jazz - jazz or technique shoes, black tights allowed for women
  • Modern - technique shoes or bare foot, black tights allowed for women
  • Seminars and Music - street clothes
  • Flamenco and Character
    • Women: Character shoes, character (full, knee-length) skirt
    • Men: Men must wear some type of shoe/boot with 1/2 to 1 inch heel. No exceptions.

PNBS Logo Leotards

PNBS’s dress code is designed to encourage unity and discipline among our students. All students in Levels I-VIII are required to wear PNBS logo leotards. Students not meeting the required dress code will be restricted from participation in class.

Leotard Colors
Level I: Pink
Level II: Light Blue
Level III: Orchid
Level IV: Turquoise
Level V: Perfect Plum
Level VI: Royal Blue
Level VII: Chocolate
Level VIII: Navy
All Boys/Men: White

Purchasing Leotards
These beautiful PNBS-logo leotards are designed to suit PNBS’ dress requirement standards and create a uniform appearance in the classroom. Leotards may be purchased through Empire Dance Shop. Download the Tots-Level III Leotard Order Form or Level IV-Level VIII Leotard Order Form online or find them in the School office.

Empire Dance Shop
Phone: 888.445.8848
Fax: 509.838.6929
Email: service@empiredanceshop.com

Additional Dress Code Guidelines

  • No shirts, legwarmers, skirts, etc., may be worn.
  • Jewelry should be minimal: small earrings and watches at the teachers' discretion. NO facial jewelry (nose rings, etc.).
  • Shoes should be neatly sewn with like color thread. NO safety pins.
  • Dancewear is to be kept laundered and in good repair. Any holes should be mended with same color thread.
  • Please mark clothing, shoes and dance bags with the student’s name and class level. Extended curriculum dress code requirements are mandatory as announced.
  • Please note: Do not use fabric softeners when laundering dance attire; it damages studio floors.
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