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The Seasons’ Canon


Max Richter
(Recomposed by Max Richter: Antonio Vivaldi The Four Seasons, 2012)


Crystal Pite


Eric Beauchesne (2022, 2024)
Anna Herrmann (2022)

Scenic Design and Reflected Light Concept

Jay Gower Taylor & Tom Visser

Costume Design

Nancy Bryant

Lighting Design

Tom Visser, Staged By Douwe Beernink


31 minutes


54 dancers


September 26, 2016; Paris Opera Ballet

PNB Premiere

November 4, 2022

The PNB Premiere of Crystal Pite’s The Seasons’ Canon was principally supported by Susan Brotman and Dan & Pam Baty.

The Seasons’ Canon is a co-production between PNB and Boston Ballet.

Program Notes

PNB staged the American premiere of Emergence in 2013, the first of Crystal Pite’s works to enter the repertory. In February 2014, the ballet performed it to sold-out houses on the Company’s tour to New York City Center. The Seasons’ Canon is the third work of Crystal Pite’s to enter PNB’s repertoire after Emergence and Plot Point.

“… I consider nature’s facts – its beautiful and grotesque forms and events – in terms of the import to thought and their impetus to the spirit. In nature I find grace tangled in a rapture with violence; I find an intricate landscape whose forms are fringed in death; I find mystery, newness, and a kind of exuberant, spendthrift energy.”

—Annie Dillard

“Creation for me is like looking through a lens. It’s a way to see the world in greater detail and clarity; it’s a magnified experience. It is the act of making that sharpens my awareness and connects me most deeply to the natural world and all the brutality and beauty it contains. The Seasons’ Canon is a gesture, an offering. It is as much my way of coping with the vastness and complexity of the natural world as it is a way of giving thanks for it”.

—Crystal Pite



Gallery Photos © Angela Sterling

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The Seasons’ Canon is a co-production with Boston Ballet.
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