Don Quixote: Q&A with Music Director Emil de Cou

Q: How many orchestra members are in the PNB Orchestra?
A: It varies from program to program. For Don Quixote, we’ll have 62-64 musicians. It’s a pretty big symphony orchestra. When you come to the show, it’s always fun to come and look in {the pit} because there are a lot of people down […]

Don Quixote: Q&A with Larae Hascall, Costume Shop Manger

Q: How large is the production? In comparison to other ballets in our repertory?

There are about 300 costumes, but many of them are duplicates. [Dutch National Ballet] had more people on stage than we will. They also built a lot of extra costumes, some of which haven’t been worn yet. […]

Don Quixote: Q&A with Norbert Herriges, PNB’s Technical Director

Don Quixote: Q&A with Norbert Herriges, PNB’s Technical Director

Q: How large is this production of Don Quixote in terms of sets, backdrops, props, etc.?
The sets and props filled seven 40′ high cube containers; costumes filled another container. These are the large containers that you […]

PNB Orchestra: Notes from Tom Dziekonski, Violinist

I’m Tom Dziekonski, a violinist in the Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra. For Nutcracker, I’m the person that decorates the pit with the wacky lights and who writes the orchestral gags for the “nutty” show on Christmas Eve. (The Pink Panther outfit you may have seen during the midnight chime I got from London.)

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Enduring Duos: Corps de ballet dancer Jessika Anspach on Balanchine’s Divertimento from “Le Baiser de la Feé”

Enduring Duos
Love Stories… Those great enduring duos: Princess Aurora and her Prince (I know he has a name, but does anyone know it?). Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Romeo and Juliet. Peanut Butter and Jelly… I know. PB & J are inanimate objects, incapable of offering or experiencing love, but you can’t […]

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Reviews: Wild for Wheeldon

“In the past twenty years, only one ballet choreographer has emerged whose work has set off widespread, international excitement: Christopher Wheeldon.” —The New Yorker

“Wheeldon [is] regarded as one of the hottest classical choreographers of his generation…His work has a uniquely transatlantic quality: romantic and unsettling, lush and cerebral, modern […]

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