Executive Director’s Notes – ALL THARP

Welcome to the final program of this historic season. Whether you are newly back to in-person performances with us of you’ve been along for the thrilling ride all season, it’s wonderful to see you. So much has transpired since our cautious return to the stage last September, and the concept of “normal” continues […]

Artistic Director’s Notes – ALL THARP

Jahna Frantziskonis strutted casually across the studio floor on pointe while tapping her left palm with her right index finger.

“Twyla, is she texting?” I asked “…on pointe?” Twyla nodded. “I think you’re the first person to choreograph someone texting on pointe!”

With a sly smile […]

Director’s Notebook: ALL THARP

My daughter, Sarah, is part of a very chatty carpool to and from ballet classes. According to one mom, the girls were discussing the foot pains that serious ballet students have to endure. (They were nine at the time.) Swapping stories, Sarah chimed in, “My friend, Twyla, has some of the worst bunions […]

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