PNB Catches Up with Locally Sourced Artists

In November 2019, PNB presented Locally Sourced, featuring three Seattle-based choreographers. One of them, Miles Pertl, highlighted additional Seattle-based artists in a pop-up art exhibit as part of his world premiere. He and his sister, artist Sydney M. Pertl, formed Seapertl Productions and issued a call for artist submissions. […]

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Director’s Notebook: F O I L, Love and Loss, Wash of Gray

Director’s Notebook: F O I L, Love and Loss, Wash of Gray

I’m not from here. But not long after I arrived almost 15 years ago, I felt I was home. Cascadia has a long history of people like me who arrived and claimed this land as their home. […]

Donald Byrd on Love and Loss

Donald Byrd in the studio with Dylan Wald and Cecilia Iliesiu © Lindsay Thomas.

It is challenging, and nearly impossible, to summarize Donald Byrd in one blog post. He has choreography credits from all around the country across the genres of dance, theater, and opera. His list of […]

Wash of Gray: A Wealth of Local Artists

Visual Artist Eli Lara creates on location for Wash of Gray © Chloe Collyer

When PNB Company dancer Miles Pertl was asked to create a piece for Locally Sourced, he decided to dive head-first into the theme. His sister, multi-media artist Sydney M. Pertl, was the first artistic […]

A Q&A with F O I L choreographer Eva Stone

Eva Stone rehearses F O I L in the studio with PNB company dancers © Lindsay Thomas

Seattle-based choreographer Eva Stone has been creating dance for more than 30 years. In addition to running her dance company, The Stone Dance Collective, she is on the faculty at Spectrum Dance Theater […]

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