Soloist Ezra Thomson on Why New Works Matter

PNB soloist Ezra Thomson is no stranger to New Works. His resume includes originating roles in works by Alejandro Cerrudo, Edwaard Liang, Robin Mineko Williams, Donald Byrd, several current PNB dancers and more. For BOUNDLESS, he’s taking on the role of stager for Jessica Lang’s Let Me Mingle Tears With Thee. So we got his perspective on New Works, PNB, and the upcoming Rep IV.

Building a World Premiere with Jessica Lang

PNB is performing a world premiere at BOUNDLESS choreographed by audience favorite Jessica Lang: Let Me Mingle Tears With Thee. We asked her about choreography, costumes, music, and all the elements that make a PNB world premiere possible.

Q&A with Penny Saunders: Returning to PNB and to Wonderland

During our 2020 digital season, PNB premiered Wonderland by choreographer Penny Saunders. Wonderland, a New Work and world premiere, paid homage to the marvel and magic of live theater, and has only ever existed digitally, until now. More than two years later, Penny is back at PNB to transpose her piece for in-person performances in March 2023. So we asked her about returning to Wonderland.

Artistic Director’s Notebook: One Thousand Pieces and Empire Noir

Artistic Director’s Notebook: One Thousand Pieces and Empire Noir

Recently, we made an exciting announcement: Alejandro Cerrudo will be PNB’s first Resident Choreographer. I’m a big fan of Alejandro’s work and hope you are, too. If you’re not, you may soon become one. One Thousand Pieces is the fourth […]

A Q&A with F O I L choreographer Eva Stone

Eva Stone rehearses F O I L in the studio with PNB company dancers © Lindsay Thomas

Seattle-based choreographer Eva Stone has been creating dance for more than 30 years. In addition to running her dance company, The Stone Dance Collective, she is on the faculty at Spectrum Dance Theater […]

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