NEXT STEP 2024: Creativity on the Horizon

Kicking it up a notch. Elevating one’s game. Rising to the next level. It’s all right there in the name. NEXT STEP offers members of the PNB Company more than just studio space, talented dancers, and support from PNB’s incredible costume, lighting, and stage management departments. This is an opportunity to push forward in dance, and one that can have a substantial and long-term impact on a dance artist’s career.

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Q&A with Apprentice Luca Anaya

How does your identity and background inform who you are as an artist? My identity as a Latin American man means everything to me. Often in my work, when certain roles allow for it, I try to find a way to add a little extra spice and character to the roles I’m dancing. My grandparents were also ballet dancers at the Ballet Nacional de Guatemala.

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Meet the 2022/23 Season Apprentices

Welcome PNB’s 2022/23 Season Apprentices!

This season, PNB is excited to promote five PNB School Professional Division students into the Company as Apprentices. Get to know these dancers in their brief interviews below. Learn what they’re looking forward to in PNB’s 50th Anniversary Season, the best advice they’ve received, and more, and help us welcome Luca […]

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