Pride 2021 Reading List

As a part of PNB’s celebration of Pride Month 2021, we have compiled these resources for anyone looking to add to their To Be Read or To Be Watched lists. This post is not exhaustive by any means, but we hope it will be a helpful place to start for anyone looking for […]

Emma Love Suddarth’s picks from the PNB gift shop

We all love SWAG—or “stuff we all get.” When going on a trip to Disney land, everyone feels the need to acquire every Mickey Mouse baseball hat, Pluto backpack, or Minnie Mouse water bottle to stay on theme. It’s a part of the whole experience—the memento to remind us of it. If I look through my […]

Cooking in Quarantine with Emma Love Suddarth

Contestants—open your basket!  What can you make with the ingredients you find inside?

If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Chopped” on the Food Network, you know this challenge. And, if you know Price and I well, you also know not only do we enjoy that show, but we absolutely LOVE […]

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Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan & Kyle Davis on being back in the studios

After about five months away, PNB has begun slowly welcoming dancers back into our studios at the Phelps Center. Safety is paramount. PNB is following local health and safety mandates, consulting public health advisors and partnering with AGMA (dancers’ union) on strict return-to-work protocols including screening measures, timed entry into the building, dancers […]

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