Pointe Shoe: Ballet’s Beloved Illusion

Ballet has become synonymous with the pointe shoe—every time a little one dreams of spinning around on a massive stage under glowing lights dressed in a sparkling tutu, their feet are clad in such shoes. PNB's Artistic Director, Peter Boal, says “to be honest, I don’t know where PNB would be without the pointe shoe…. [E]verything balances on the pointe shoe.” Read on to learn more about this fundamental tool of ballet dancers and what PNB dancers have to say about their relationship with pointe shoes!

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Nutcracker Grow Ups!

Performing in The Nutcracker is a rite of passage for many young dancers and something they look forward to each December. From Polichinelles to Party Children, see how Pacific Northwest Ballet Company dancers began their lifelong journey of dancing in The Nutcracker!

Q&A with Corps Member Juliet Prine

Describe your perfect day off. I love to make the most of my days off! In the summer, I usually try to get out of the city to hike or camp for a couple hours/overnight. I also love spending days on the lake (so does my dog), and trying new restaurants. On a day off in the winter, you can find me skiing at Alpental or Crystal!

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Juliet Prine, Amanda Morgan, & Cecilia Iliesiu on being back in the studios

After about five months away, PNB has begun slowly welcoming dancers back into our studios at the Phelps Center. Safety is paramount. PNB is following local health and safety mandates, consulting public health advisors and partnering with AGMA (dancers’ union) on strict return-to-work protocols including screening measures, timed entry into the building, dancers […]

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PNB dancers you should follow on Instagram

Whether you’ve just joined the Instagram world or you’re looking to beautify your feed with more ballet, we have the solution! Here’s a comprehensive list of all the PNB dancers with public Instagram accounts.

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