Celebrating our Latinx, Chicana, & Hispanic Dancers

Celebrating our Latinx, Chicana, & Hispanic Dancers

September 15 to October 15 is Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month. To celebrate, we asked PNB artists identifying as Hispanic and Latinx share the many ways their heritage informs their artistry. Keep reading to hear from dancers Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan, Amanda Morgan, Dammiel Cruz, Jonathan Batista, […]

PNB dancers you should follow on Instagram

Whether you’ve just joined the Instagram world or you’re looking to beautify your feed with more ballet, we have the solution! Here’s a comprehensive list of all the PNB dancers with public Instagram accounts.

Meet the Artist: Dammiel Cruz

Dammiel is also a teaching artist for REACH […]

American Stories: Dammiel Cruz, Company dancer

Dammiel Cruz
Photo by Lindsay Thomas.

In the eyes of many, America is a symbol of freedom, opportunity, and a more stable way of living. For people like my mother America meant exactly that. At the age of 31 while pregnant […]

New Hires: 5 Corps de Ballet & 3 Apprentices

Blog by PNB Dancer Cecilia Iliesiu.

Just as I am one of PNB’s New Hires this year, I am thrilled to introduce the other new faces to the company this 2015/16 Season. I am sure I can speak for us all that we are incredibly excited to part of this supportive family of dancers, artistic staff […]

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NYC Tour: A Day in the City

The PNB family has made it to NYC safe and sound on our early Alaska Airline flight. It is my first time touring and traveling with a dance company and I must say it is a blast. It’s a hoot seeing everyone half awake with coffee in hand as we board our early […]

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